Inverted Nozzle

Inverted Nozzle

STACKMATCH designed and patented for extreme efficiency.

This unique “Inverted Nozzle” arrangement, with top and bottom diversion plates, was designed to allow the spent nozzle gas to continuously clean the pilot nozzle.  As the spent gas escapes to atmosphere, this downward jetting action further protects the nozzle cavity from contamination should liquids or solids be expelled from the flare opening.

  • Nozzle – Type (310) Stainless Steel Construction

  • Patented Inverted Self Purging Design

  • Patented Top & Botton Diversion Plates

  • Rated up to 200 MPH winds

  • Can be Retrofitted With 2 or 3 Jet Configuration

Pilot Nozzle Cavity

Allows for extreme Flame Stability

The internal construction of the nozzle cavity is calculated to provide a firmly rooted and highly protected pilot flame configuration, which results in extreme pilot flame stability.  Even when subjected to 200 MPH winds and rain, this pilot nozzle can be easily ignited when cold.

Pilot Diversion Plates

Allows for excellent flare flow dynamic range

Besides protecting the nozzle area from inadvertent liquid spills, these plates are strategically located so that any waste gas escaping the flare is forced to circulate within these two plates.  This patented circulating function allows for proper waste gas ignition even when the exit velocity of the waste gas is very slow or above MACH 1.

Lower pilot diversion plate can also used as a manifold outputting 2 or 3 by-pass jets to reach over the top of flaring application.