About Stackmatch

Stackmatch Flare Ignition, Inc. established in 1979, designs and manufactures Flare Pilots, Pilot Ignition Systems, Flame Detection and Controls for the Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industries.

We continuously challenge basic concepts of conventional Pilot technology and have, over the years, developed and patented several revolutionary technical advances. These Stackmatch patented state of the art designs have proven reliable and efficient, and are in use daily throughout the world.

The company offers a wide range of pilot designs for any ignition solution with the highest level of quality assured as each manufactured product is inspected and tested prior to shipment. We are ready to assist you with Respect, Knowledge and Courtesy brought forth better than any other company.

Stackmatch Flare Ignition, Inc.
620 Haggard Street, Suite 610
Plano, TX 75074

Telephone Toll Free: (800) 523-9260
Telephone: (972) 578-7631
Fax: (972) 881-9324