Heater Pilots

Heater Pilots

STACKMATCH patented Pilots will perform in many different Heater applications.  Our Pilots have been proven to exceed the needs of the customer.  With STACKMATCH patented technology, including our Micro Flame Front Ignition, our Heater Pilots are in a class of their own.

Heater Pilot Applications

  • Process Heaters
  • Process Furnaces
  • Incinerators
  • FCC’s

Vacutrack Pilot

The “Vacutrack Pilot” is a pilot that puts the conventional pilot technology using internal or external mixing a thing of the past. With our patented “Vacuum Tracking” system, “Micro Flame Front Ignition” and “Plasma Resonance Flame Detection”  all designed by Stackmatch Flare Ignition, Inc. it puts this standalone pilot in a class of its own. Used in many different applications including Process Heaters, Process Furnaces, Incinerators and FCC Units has proven this pilot to be effective in many inert and negative pressure atmospheres.

The “Vacuum Tracking” assembly is designed to combine the positive attributes of the two basic installation methods described for conventional pilots. Using no moving parts and operating like a vacuum mirror, this assembly develops an opposing and equal vacuum at the mixer area to oppose the vacuum felt at the nozzle. With the pilot nozzle inserted into the heater (as required by the application) and the with the pilot mixer located outside the heater (to obtain fresh air for the pilot) changes in heater vacuum are totally nullified (from 0 to –30 water inches) allowing the “Vacutrack” pilot to ignite easily and to remain extremely stable throughout the operating range. In addition, because the “Vacuum Tracking” assembly utilizes fresh outside air to function, the air quality remains clean and stable and therefore the pilot is never extinguished

ST (See Thru) Pilot Applications