Applications for STACKMATCH Products

DRAM (Dual Range Air Mixed)

The STACKMATCH DRAM Pilot is used in many applications for Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU), Tail Gas Treating Units (TGTU), Incinerators, Boilers, Pre-Heaters, and similar Pressurized Processing Vessels and Flares. The DRAM can be Retractable or Non-Retractable and will include accessories required for proper operation based on Customer’s final configuration.

Pressurized Hot Rod

The STACKMATCH Pressurized Hot Rod Pilot can be used on ANY Flare application requiring a Forced Draft Pilot. These pictures show a STACKMATCH Pressurized Hot Rod mounted on a Steam Assisted Flare Stack.  Air and Gas piping for Pilot operation is also depicted.


STACKMATCH VacuTrack Pilots are self inspirated and versatile with specific mounting to your application available.  The VacuTrack is depicted here in Heater / Incinerator applications.


The Pilot shown here is a STACKMATCH 9′ Spitfire with Flame Front Generator and Dual Thermo-wells. This Spitfire Pilot has a Straight Nozzle tip and is installed between the steam ring and flare stack.

BPSF - Brine Pit Spitfire

The STACKMATCH Brine Pit Spitfire Pilot is designed for proper function and extended operation in the harsh environment of Brine Pits.

Control Systems

STACKMATCH designs and manufactures Control Systems for our products as well as those required for specific customer applications.  STACKMATCH Control Systems are designed to operate on voltages provided by your power source including AC or DC. All STACKMATCH Control Systems can be provided with Explosion Proof enclosures when specified.

Coalescing Filter Assembly

STACKMATCH Coalescing Filter Assemblies are the best Gas & Air filtration systems available.  They are designed for trouble-free operation and simple maintenance.  When gauges read equal pressure, filters are considered clean.  Any obstruction in filter media will result in a difference of pressure reading at the gauges.