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Stackmatch Flare Ignition, the Leader in Pilots, Ignition and Flame Detection Technology

Stackmatch Flare Ignition, Inc. is a company dedicated to the continual research and development of Flare Pilots, Pilot Ignition, Flame Detection and Control Systems technology for all industries.

These safe and reliable pilot and ignition systems, which include our Patented Flame Detection and Auto Re-Ignition, will challenge the most difficult applications. Our pilot technology addresses all industries where the safety of ignition and flame monitoring of combustible gases and liquids are a major concern.

Stackmatch strives to provide our customers with a level of value, service and knowledge beyond any of your expectations.

We provide the essential Control System for every pilot we sell.
Our Pilots and Pilot Ignition Systems have been a proven success in many applications in the Petro-Chemical and Oil & Gas industries.
We have an array of High Energy Ignition systems that can be used in your existing or new Flare Pilot application.
Accessories for our patented pilot and control systems